Part of Rich Richardson's
fantastic collection!!
Display case with floats.
Cranberry seal button floats &
Cranberry float
More of Rich Richardson's
Assorted Sausage floats
Cobalt seal button floats &
More of Rich Richardson's
From the collection of Rich Richardson:
Cranberry dotted floats &
Solid Cranberry floats
Floats with blue seal button's
Lime Green Binary Float
Grooved Japanese float
with Dai Mark on seal button
The dream float...Kanji Roller
Assorted Sausage style floats
Medium Jumbo roller
Coral encased float
SE Jumbo roller
Bullet Sausage roller
Small Jumbo roller with DG
on seal button
Flat End Roller
Assorted rollers
Clear Knobby Roller
Snakeskin floats.  Two still
have the cages on them!!
Float with Amber Seal
Button & 45" Circumference
Blue seal button
Pinched End Rollers
Bullet roller
Float with Cranberry Seal
38" Circumference Purple
(3) 48" Blue floats
American Grooved Roller & a
Kita Shi mark
Rare Fishwater mark
Rare Hachinohe mark
From the collection of Deborah Hillman:
From the collection of Tom Rizzo:
German Green Clover Float
from the 1800's
German Amber Clover Float
Amber Fleisland Glass Co.
Netted Norwegian Aqua Egg
Tom's Favorite Swirled Float
BY Anchor Float
Northwestern Glass Co.
Krabotpect float
Beachcombed from Ocean
Shores, WA in 1965
Solid Yellow Hokuyo
Unknown float from Japan
Rare Aqua Dog Neck Float
Seal on Rare Aqua Dog Neck
GW German Float from the
Dotted F Egg Float
Irish Shamrock float
3 Crossed Fish Euro Float
Raised Neck Sealed Plain
Swedish Albrechtson Float
Swedish Torvald Stranne
Amber Salmon Dog Neck,
large F1,& a Clear Dog Neck
Very old monkey-eared roller
Very Tiny Tohuku roller
Blue marked dot float
Orange Hokuyo Double F
Cobalt Blue Hokuyo
Rare Raised Neck Sealed
English FGC Patent Pending