Irish Shamrock float
Genuine Snakeskin floats
3-piece molded Anchor
Black float
Beautifully colored roller
Cobalt "Garbage ball"  float
Assorted colored floats
BY5 Anchor European float
The Floats on the next 3 pages are from the collections of
fellow collectors.  Please click on a photo to enlarge the image.
Cobalt double spindle float
Honey Amber Star float
Double stamped Made In
Japan float
Sickle & Hammer Russian
A Japanese Grooved float
with a Dai Mark
Amber golf ball sized float
with water
Mexican Swirl float that was
used for fishing
Large Barnacle
attached to a
Japanese float
JA Fish float
Unique "Squashed" float
Relsky float
Swedish Hogs Snout float
Laurvig Euro float
Honey Amber Cloverleaf float
3 Overlapping Fish Euro float
Euro Anchor float
NW Glass Beer Bottle float
Nishitani Side-Embossed float
Golf ball float with Cobalt
Seal & Unusual Mark
Societa Art. Vetraria Altare
Stranne Oresten float
From the collection of Stu Farnsworth:
Rare Janson Import float
Purple Torvald Stranne Float
Cranberry float with wooden
Stu on his
Seal float
with wooden
From the collection of Jim Workman:
Assorted Japanese Bullet
Bullet with an
original net & one without
Jim's son-in-law digging
through floats in Japan.
Rare Japanese mark
Jim picked up these while on
a trip to Norway.
F8 from Norway
Rare CN float from Norway.  No
one seems to be familiar with
this mark.
An assortment of Jim's floats
from Norway.
Jim with a pyramid of floats in
Aomori, Japan
10" Diameter Rare Ka Tsu
Marked Float
Rare Ka Tsu Mark
Great way to display floats!
What a fantastic collection!!!
Euro Float with Cross Mark
Rare Sidemarked Chinese
Star float
NF Euro float
CCA Euro float
Beautiful blue swirled float
Unique Japanese gray, pulled
seal button float
What a fantastic collection!!!
Mata Masa Mark
Maruha Mark
Cobalt SealRoller
Purple Grapefruit Sized FF
"Olympic" Mark
Stu's Favorite Kanji Roller
Rare Russian "Snakeskin"
Monkey Ear Roller