Dark Green Grooved float
Societa Art. Vetraria Voltare
Netted Egg float from Norway.
Made In England with FCG
Lavender L.T. found in the
Euro that was found on Sable
Island - a remote island off of
the Eastern Canadian coast.
Another new addition. An
overlapping BV & side
embossed on the float.
A beautiful Stranne Oresten
float with a 7" diameter.  
Given to me by a dear friend!!
A lovely LV float with some
swirling in the glass.
+PCF+ float
F1 Norwegian float
9" diameter clear
Euro float
Anchor Float
CCA float given to
me by a good friend!!
Irish Shamrock
Made in England, Patent Pending float
Euro Milkglass Float
from Sweden
Overlapping 3 Fish
Albrechtsons Float
Amber Clover
Clear BY5
Free Blow Binary Float ~
one of the few
5" Teal Blue Hokuyo
Super Sweet 12" Cobalt
Blue Swirl w/Net
The origin of this float is
unknown, but it's gorgeous!
3" w/Kanji & Colorful Net
Stretched Tohoku with Net
Clear Hokkaido Roller
Sausage with a Spindle
Assorted Sausage Floats